Saturday, June 5, 2010

How would you look when you grow Old?

....or if you were of Caribbean, East or West-Asian or Caucasian descent? Or how would you appear if the Italian painter of the early renaissance, Sandro Botticelli, decided to paint your face? Or would you like it, if you were to suddenly turn the tide of time to visit your childhood, or change into an Ape-(wo)man (and be proud of our common-collective-lineage)!...All this and a few more could be done at the Face Transformer hosted by the Perception lab at the Univ. of St Andrews.
To give you an idea:

Arguably the most famous and discussed picture in the world; the "Afghan Girl", later identified as Sharbat Gula, snapped by Steve Mc-Curry of the NGC on a trip to picture the refugee camps of war-torn Afghanistan.
The face-transformer reveals what she'd have looked like if she'd be of Caribbean descent (and not mid-eastern), a child, or Botticelli's muse, or when she'd be past her prime.
There is also an infant mode, and a feminiser, Modigliani's impression and a cartoon-scape but it all goes downhill from here.. Fun tool to play with, regardless.

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  1. That's a really cool one!! any idea about how it works?? and what would be the use of such a tool?

    thanks for sharing !!