Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google adds options to help searchers get to the point

Reference citation :

The Scientific American website.

By Larry Greenemeier in 60-Second Science Blog

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Google has come up with a better idea to customize ones search by adding a feature called "Search Options" in an upgrade its uber-popular search engine.
Now searchers can reorganize the result of a key word search to emphasize particular kinds of links, such as video, audio etc.

"To meet the increasing demand of mobile users, Google also introduced a novelty application called Sky Map for mobile phones running the company's Android operating system that creates a map of the night sky that changes depending upon the user's location.

Google today also introduced something called Rich Snippets, which improves upon the blurbs provided under each link. When searching for a particular restaurant, for example, Rich Snippets will pull up a restaurant review while identifying who wrote it and when it was written."

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